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M Posted 8 years ago
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Content Performance Marketing is a driving force in digital marketing, which requires an organized and disciplined approach to producing and tracking multiple asset classes, including the site, images, videos, graphics, and importantly the blog. Understanding how prospects and customers interact with content on the customer journey helps plan and manage content assets. In Google Analytics, under Audience/Users Flow you can visualize the customers’ paths into, through and out of the site. discover why seo for blogging is important - brightedge

Why blog? Blogs usually work toward the top of the funnel to build initial awareness and brand recognition. Related content suggestions will help move visitors laterally through the blog and internal links in the blog will help pull visitors deeper into the website. Getting readers to subscribe to a newsletter or download a white paper will transition them from the outer funnel into the middle prospect funnel where you can better control the interaction with outreach.

As of May 2015, there were approximately 47 billion web pages indexed on Google. For businesses looking to leverage the internet to find customers, that number can be intimidating. Read more on blogging and SEO and learn the eight Steps to a Successful blog in Jim Yu's popular post on SearchEngineWatch.