Global Content Performance

BrightEdge S3 – The Only True Global Content Performance Platform

Practitioners at multi-national firms aspire to reach customers worldwide and drive leads, revenue and traffic through global initiatives. They also seek a greater return on marketing investments by looking beyond just a single country. Companies see global digital marketing as a means to maintain brand consistency worldwide while accommodating for local nuances. A global approach to digital marketing addresses these needs.

BrightEdge S3 Enables Global Content Performance

BrightEdge S3 allows for you to:

  • Rank Globally – Drive global conversions with support for 145 country/language combinations across 6 continents.
  • Collaborate Internationally – Leverage customizable dashboards and workflow management for easy collaboration across international teams

  • Boost Marketing ROI – Extend proven BrightEdge business impact to all geographies
  • Maintain Brand Online – Reinforce global brand while tailoring to local sensitivities and colloquialisms

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Only BrightEdge S3 is a truly global platform, supporting the following Search Engines / Countries:

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BrightEdge is helpful from a global perspective, as it incorporates all different search engines into one platform, allowing us to very quickly grab our visibility data.