Page Manager

Comprehensive On and Off Page Recommendations

Content performance success is dependent on optimizing your most valuable webpages. Digital marketers are often faced with the overwhelming task of performing analysis on each and every webpage, and optimizing areas they notice could be improved. In many cases, what needs to be improved on one page is quite different from the next due to the complexity of websites and contributors from a myriad of teams. Marketers often struggle to identify all the areas for improvement across numerous pages with varied page structure, code, internal backlinks, text length, and writing styles, and are left with a time consuming, ineffective process.

BrightEdge streamlines this process with Page Manager, which adds to the powerful BrightEdge S3 recommendation suite for keywords, social, backlinks, and competitive analysis.

BrightEdge S3 Provides:

  • Prescriptive best practices – Comprehensive on-page, backlink, internal link, and social recommendations guide you to success.
  • In-depth prioritized recommendations – Uncover the highest impact opportunities to increase rank. BrightEdge analyzes +32 elements for each unique webpage—including duplicate content, and provides recommendations for title, header, image, and meta-tags, URL, content, backlinks, and social engagement.
  • Customizable recommendations – Control the prioritization of recommendations and specify unique recommendation parameters that cater to your business needs.
  • Ability to target multiple keywords per page – Effectively target similar phrases or complementary phrases to boost overall page ranking.
  • Tasks & Workflow – Take action on recommendations by assigning tasks to team members. Align content performance efforts and track progress from start to finish.
  • Competitive Intelligence – Uncover the top 10 competing webpages and see your chances of ranking in the top positions

BrightEdge Page Manager

Complete insight into your internal links:

Many organizations today are undertaking internal link cleanup and optimization initiatives, as internal links are essential for establishing a site architecture that’s easy to navigate and spreads link juice across your website. And, having a link structure that’s easy for search engines to crawl is necessary for proper search indexing and rankings.

  • Identify Internal Links – See a complete list of all internal links directing to each URL, and if the anchor text contains your target keywords.
  • Take Action – Assign tasks to team members and streamline the process of identifying and optimizing for internal links across your site.

Group and analyze pages by category

  • Focus on what matters – Easily group pages by categories such as departments, seasons, promotions, and business units. Each team member can easily view and filter recommendations that matter to them.

Internal links

BrightEdge Page Manager takes on-page optimization to the next level. Their centralized page-level data and recommendations will be essential to our future SEO success.