Crushing the Marketing Silo

Making SEO Foundational to Marketing

Learn How to Crush the Marketing Silo!

Too many companies today manage their SEO and other channel efforts in separate marketing silos. While this is a common practice, doing so misses an important opportunity.

BrightEdge's VP of Marketing Demand Generation and Head of SEO Erik Newton and Noble Studios’ Director of Digital Strategy Chad Hallert show you how to bring the channel disciplines together as he outlines best practices for developing an integrated strategy and increasing your ROI by moving beyond marketing silos.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn to crush the marketing silos through these topics:

  • About the perils of a silo-based approach to marketing
  • How to identify opportunities for integrated channel efforts
  • How to conduct combined SEO and PPC keyword research and which tools to use
  • Ways to develop an integrated digital marketing strategy
  • How to measure integrated results
  • Learn how to dominate both paid and organic search results

The Presenters
Erik Newton, VP Customer Marketing and Head of SEO
Chad Hallert, Director of Digital Strategy, Noble Studios


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