Aligning Your Content with Customer Intent:

Using Search Results to Develop a Winning Content Strategy

Winning in SEO isn't just about keywords anymore. Today’s SEOs and Digital Marketers must aim to present an overall search experience that aligns to customers’ expectations and intent.

The addition of universal search adds another layer of complexity as over 50% of searches now result in zero-click results. On the bright side, marketers can directly leverage and interpret search engine results to inform the kind of content they need to be discoverable by the right audience, at the right moment. The search results can tell you when you need to be relying on images, where you need to be very transactional, and where you customers will expect long-form content.

Watch this BrightEdge how-to session as we look at what valuable insights can be gleaned from the search results pages and Data Cube, and how you can leverage both to formulate and execute a winning content strategy.

What you can expect to learn:

  1. How to identify the types of content that are driving engagement for your customers
  2. How Google is treating universal results across different industries
  3. How to use a search result page’s features to inform your content strategy


Featured Speakers:

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