Graco Drives B2B Lead Gen with SEO and BrightEdge

BrightEdge powers Geoff Angell of Graco's global keyword research and SEO strategy.

Transcript of Graco's SEO Story:

I'm Geoff Angell, Senior SEO Specialist at Graco. I think our next focus here at Graco is going to be all around how do we optimize our images, not only with image alt-text, but contextually optimizing those images and creating some of the relationships between the image and then the page that's ranking for that image. People Also Ask has been a great way for us to uncover other new opportunities around Quick Answers or featured snippets.

As a B2B manufacturer we sell through channel and through distribution. Our primary KPI is either lead generation, or also activity on our distributor locator - all of our SEO measures kind of focus on those two primary KPIs on our site. SEO drives the majority of all web leads, and I guess the majority of all leads at Graco.

I continue to do demos of other platforms, I think it's worth you know constantly exploring other tools and know what they have to offer, but I've continued to stick with BrightEdge.

So when I have content writers, I need them to think SEO first when they're creating that content. BrightEdge is a really easy way of getting that content creator into BrightEdge and using it. So they're doing keyword research on their own and I'm not constantly doing keyword research across the multiple business units that I support. BrightEdge is appealing to a broader audience than just the SEO. 

The visibility I get from competitors for my own website makes BrightEdge a really good platform for me. I can quickly see how I'm performing at any given time. And with other tools, it's just not as clear. And I think the Data Cube aspect of BrightEdge along with the tracking of my keywords really gives me a clear understanding of where I stand at any given time.

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