Graco Sees a 718% Increase in People Also Ask Results

Discover how Graco’s team saw an increase in results for Quick Answers and images as well

increase in Quick Answer results
increase in ranking images


Graco Inc., a B2B manufacturer of fluid handling products and solutions for homeowners, contractors, and more, has utilized the BrightEdge platform for five years. When they first began working with BrightEdge, Graco's top pages were not their preferred landing pages. The Graco marketing team dove into technical SEO strategies and added canonical tags pointing to preferred pages in order to strengthen content and rank for the best possible keywords.

Next up? The Graco team, including Geoff Angell, Senior SEO Specialist, strategized to create new content and optimize published content frequently in order to drive top-of-funnel leads into mid-funnel sales opportunities. The plan was to do so by providing valued content and gain control over featured snippet opportunities.

The Solution

Beginning in February 2019, Angell's SEO team implemented image SEO best practices starting with optimizing image alt text. KPI priorities shifted to focus on lead generation and the lead activity on Graco's distributor locator landing page. Angell structured his team's creative strategy to include tracking keywords in Data Cube prior to producing new content and managing alignment between keywords and content.

The Graco team utilized striking distance keyword research to uncover high search volume keywords to optimize existing pages for in order to gain access to featured snippet results. They continue to see an influx of organic traffic from gained Quick Answer opportunities.


Angell and his team saw the position zero opportunties for Graco and nearly gained ownership of them all. By prioritizing optimization for keywords that generate featured snippets, Graco saw a 718% increase in People Also Ask results and a 145% increase in Quick Answer results over the last year. In the last six months, the Graco team has seen a 35.4% increase in ranking images. "SEO drives the majority of all web leads, and I guess the majority of all leads at Graco." Graco has seen double digit growth in leads and an overall increase in organic traffic.

The visibility I get from competitors for my own website makes BrightEdge a really good platform for me. I can quickly see how I'm performing at any given time. And with other tools, it's just not as clear. And I think the Data Cube aspect of BrightEdge along with the tracking of my keywords really gives me a clear understanding of where I stand at any given time." Geoff Angell, Senior SEO Specialist at Graco Inc.