White Hat Backlink Building

Best Practices from BrightEdge, Majestic SEO, and Rosetta

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As search becomes more social brands are actively aligning their digital marketing strategies across channels.

Whitehat link building white paper

Since Larry Page’s famous 1999 ‘PageRank’ white paper on the subject, analyzing the quantity and quality of backlinks to a site or a page has been one of the key ways search engines have been able to determine the most relevant pages to display in response to a search by a user.

However, some industry players have tried to game the search platforms. Such strategies are short-lived and are a disservice to consumers and marketers alike – and are to be scrupulously avoided. Remember, do no harm!

In this paper we explain:

  • How backlinks influence search results
  • Why it’s critical to use only white hat methods
  • How to use tools like BrightEdge, MajesticSEO, and interactive agencies like Rosetta to gain visibility and insight

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