Instant Product Use Case:
Website Performance Analysis

As marketers and SEOs, we often think about website performance in terms of the results the site generates – visits, bounce rates, time-on-site, conversions, and so forth. Organic search, the leading referral source for qualified traffic, on the other hand, thinks about website performance primarily in terms of user experience and uses it as a ranking factor. In fact, with the rollout of Google’s Page Experience update and associated Core Web Vitals in mid-2021, website performance has proven to be among the top-ranking factors for organic search.

It is essential, then, for any brand that relies on traffic from organic search to benchmark site performance, understand opportunities for improvement, work with developers to implement required changes and then continue to monitor performance and its impact on search rank.

In addition to its ability to provide real-time insight into page rank, keyword research and competitor rankings, Instant provides capabilities to measure, optimize and monitor website technical performance. Instant enables brands to optimize the customer experience and maximize search rankings by providing access to Google Page Speed Insights (lab data) and Google Chrome User Experience (field data) at scale. Now they can analyze multiple URLs in parallel across their sites or benchmarked against competitors. 

Download the product use case today to learn how Instant helps SEOs and marketers evaluate ranking factors, benchmark page speed performance, prioritize precious development resources, and measure the impact of changes in real-time.

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