Teradata Conducts an Effective Website Audit & Improves SEO Performance

Teradata identifies gaps in SEO performance with the help of BrightEdge’s SEO platform

increase in traffic in the first 12 months
increase in first 5 months

The Business Challenge

Teradata’s website is an important source for generating awareness and driving top-of-funnel engagement with prospective customers. In early 2021, Digital Marketing Director, Ron Weber and the Teradata SEO team sought to establish baseline analytics for SEO and understand where the website was underperforming.

Conducting technical site audits can be challenging, especially when you have to do it by yourself. Luckily, the Teradata team had the support of BrightEdge and our suite of SEO and website audit products. 

The BrightEdge Solution

The SEO team leveraged BrightEdge to help organize and prioritize the initiative, employing it for keyword research and keyword and page ranking analysis, then tracking the growing traffic following implementation.

With the help of BrightEdge, the Teradata team was able to track page ranks, identify drops in keyword rankings, and build a solid plan of action to improve key SEO performance metrics.

The Results

The team saw huge success from their efforts around keyword research and page optimization. Within the first 12 months they saw huge increases in traffic and visits to top-performing pages achieving their goals for SEO performance.

Download the full case study to review the results.