Travel Nevada Sees 126% Increase in Page 1 Ranked Keywords

Find out how they used BrightEdge to turn their relentless SEO efforts into massive success

increase in position one keywords
increase in page one keywords


Travel Nevada is the official destination marketing organization for the state of Nevada. They have historically relied on paid search and media to gain visibility in front of their target audience and drive traffic to their website. While the results of these campaigns have been positive, their team was able to use marketing intelligence tools such as Google Analytics to identify a large opportunity for "always on" visibility through an investment in search engine optimization (SEO) services. In 2018, Travel Nevada partnered with Noble Studios to elevate their marketing efforts with a variety of digital services including SEO utilizing BrightEdge.


Beginning with their existing content and site architecture, Noble Studios found opportunities to take advantage of quick wins using Anomaly Detection and Recommendations. Using BrightEdge ContentIQ, they discovered technical fixes including ADA-compliance issues that were passing down from previous site migrations and negatively impacted SEO.

By analyzing the top 300 site pages for traffic and seeking pages where keyword rankings had either dropped or plateaued, Travel Nevada started their journey to better SEO by updating internal linking, meta descriptions, page titles, and image alt text. Next, they tackled opportunities for existing and new keywords to rank well for Google's People Also Ask and Quick Answers. BrightEdge Page Reporting and Keyword Reporting were used to monitor progress. Finally, by diving into BrightEdge's Gap Analysis technology, Noble Studios located Travel Nevada's major SEO and business competitors to determine target topics for new content creation.


The BrightEdge DataCube score gave Noble Studios and Travel Nevada insight into their relentless SEO efforts by proving their YoY growth rate of 1842%. Total keyword visibility increased by 24% and keywords ranked on page one saw a 126% increase. Most importantly, Travel Nevada’s keywords ranked in the prized position one saw a 135% increase. Noble Studios utilized StoryBuilder to produce custom reports to present these excellent results to the Travel Nevada team and their board.

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