Advanced Recovery Systems Increases SEO Revenue 87% in 1 Year

Elise Gould, Senior Director of Content at LaneTerralever, helped ARS remedy stale content and drive a 441% increase in organic traffic

increase in organic listings
decrease in average CPA


With rehabilitation facilities across the country, Advanced Recovery Systems (ARS) provides thorough and comprehensive treatment programs for addiction, substance abuse, eating disorders, and mental health issues. They were already spending significant marketing budget to use paid channels with modest results. Their organic performance was below their expectations, so they engaged the LaneTerralever agency and BrightEdge to help them succeed.


The team made it a priority to identify keywords that demonstrated high intent and robust search volume to inform content creation that aligned with ARS’ services using the BrightEdge keyword research capabilities. Using primarily the competitor analysis in Data Cube and Opportunity Forecasting, they were able to recognize content opportunities and prioritize content production.

To remedy the challenge of stale site content in the eyes of Google, they immediately set a publishing cadence of three content pieces a week in the blog and bi-weekly core content publishing throughout the site as well as releasing one premium content piece, such as a short video, interactive quiz, whitepaper or guide per month. These pieces spoke the language of drug users seeking recovery, empathized with their supportive loved ones, and were distributed via syndication, manual outreach, native advertising, social media support, and influencer marketing.


elise gould laneterralever

The results were truly impressive: 441% increase in SEO visits, 188% increase in total organic listings, 87% increase in revenue, and a 51% decrease in average cost per admission.

The BrightEdge platform allowed us to see the opportunities and orient the content strategy in a way that generated quick, dramatic, high-impact business results.

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