Seagate Maps Customer Journey to Generate Increase in Traffic

Seagate's providing the right content and information to the customer at every level of their journey

increase in overall traffic


Seagate is the premier hard drive and storage technology leader in the world and where Ali MacDonald is in charge of content marketing. As content marketing becomes more important for generating organic traffic, it becomes more critical to have a well-defined process for identifying themes, producing content, repurposing content, mapping to the customer journey, and, most importantly, measuring the overall gains from multiple channels.


“SEO is important for Seagate because one of the ways that we explain to people what Seagate does is through creating great content that they’re looking for. Through SEO we help our customers find that content by understanding what their behavior is, how they search for things, and making sure that it’s easy to find on the website. One of the great things about BrightEdge is the fact that they integrate our existing analytics, so we can actually tie the dashboards that we have in BrightEdge back to the real data that we’re pulling out for other sources and other verticals in our markets.”


ali macdonald content marketing seagate“We’re focused on making sure that we’re providing the right content and information to the customer and through our partners at every level of our journey - from awareness to loyalty. We’ve seen a 20% increase in our overall traffic growth, and we’re seeing consistently steady increase in new visits to the site.”

We actually switched from a competitor of BrightEdge because of their advanced capability and technologies.