Schneider Drives SEO Maturity and Adoption Through BrightEdge

Fisher scaled to huge SEO program and results, ran smooth and effective site migration

BrightEdge Users Worldwide


Schneider Electric is the global leader in energy management and automation, operating in over 100 countries with over 170,000 employees and selling BtoB and BtoC. They already have over 500 registered users of the BrightEdge platform. Fisher’s goal is to permeate SEO and content performance into every aspect of website ownership, development, and content creation, and to make SEO experts out of everyone who touches the site.


“The transformation that I’m really trying to bring about is that today marketers are data scientists. If you’re not running your process by the numbers, it may not be an issue now, but you run the risk of being eclipsed by your competitors who are. One of the ways that we’re trying to run the business by the numbers is by making the numbers more easily available. We’ve worked closely with the analytics team to integrate everything into BrightEdge. We use dashboard features to automatically deliver this data in a really consumable format at regular intervals, which takes the pressure off a person to make reports and gives the task to BrightEdge to do it best.” See David's video.


david fisher global search marketing schneider electric“BrightEdge helps us in globalizing and standardizing our approach to SEO so we have standard topics and standard keywords groups that each country and language can leverage, which makes sure that there are no content gaps or misses as we globalize and localize our SEO approach. In our first six months with the BrightEdge platform we had 500 users logging in regularly to check their statistics. We also underwent a massive web migration to an entirely new platform, entirely new design, and entirely new brand. We used BrightEdge professional services to help us with that migration and as a result we’ve seen an increase in organic traffic each month since then.”

BrightEdge has really helped me elevate the SEO program at Schneider Electric to generate not just adoption but excitement.

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