Philips Pilot for SEO Drives 10,000 Visits Per Month in Single Market

increase in organic impressions
clickthrough rate


Philips Hue, a leading smart lighting brand, offers more than the convenience of wireless light control. Philips Hue believes in giving consumers the best lighting experience to enrich their daily lives. The main website focuses on providing relevant content about the brand and product experience. However, to reach online consumers looking for a lighting solution that fits their needs, Philips Hue decided to inspire and educate through enriched content via blog posts.


The team worked together to brainstorm the content strategy with the help of internal experts who use BrightEdge for keyword research and internal reports. They created clusters of non-branded and generic keywords which were then transformed into relevant topics for the target audience. The goal was to prioritize keywords with high search volume that align with the brand campaign calendar plan. Using the BrightEdge product, the team was able to identify popular lighting topics with low competition, host the new blog, and automatically and manually optimize the content to improve SEO performance.


With the help of the BrightEdge team, Philips hue was able to launch their blog as a pilot in the UK, which increased the visibility of non-branded keywords, such as “bedroom lighting ideas,” “living room lighting ideas,” etc. This also helped the team expand the brand’s content strategy from focusing only on core brand content keywords to capturing new traffic with a data-driven, SEO-focused, topical content strategy.

In 6 months, their website accrued an additional 400K organic impressions with a clickthrough rate of 2.5%. The team is now rolling out the blog to other key markets, such as the United States, the Netherlands, and more.


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