OnDeck Capital Achieves Increase in Quick Answers

Learn how OnDeck won in Quick Answers with technical SEO using ContentIQ and Data Cube

decrease in severe site errors
increase in Quick Answers


OnDeck's mission: To create and promote informative, educational, and inspirational content for the purposes of acquisition, brand awareness, and customer retention. Created to support and empower small businesses, OnDeck is 100% committed to serving its customers with the smartest financing solutions and world-class service. The company offers small business loans, issuing over $10 billion dollars in financing, providing business loans, lines of credit, and equipment financing. Its thought leadership content was available within the Small Business Blog Resource Center; however, it was not performing as expected. OnDeck had bypassed the first pillar of SEO success -- establishing the technical foundation for OnDeck.com.


OnDeck used ContentIQ to audit the site and identify areas that needed attention. The audit found the following opportunities:

  1. Resolve technical issues, like hreflang
  2. Improve page load speed
  3. Resolve 404s and other redirect errors
  4. Make sure technical SEO will support content efforts
  5. Improve on-page elements
  6. Optimize their landing pages to increase engagement
  7. Implement measurement capability for RC pages (current Google Analytics efforts)
  8. Once completed, continue to scale

The team confirmed what they saw in ContentIQ with a separate tool and subsequently created an action plan to resolve those issues.


Improvements from January to July 2018:

  • 970% decrease in minor errors
  • 82% decrease in moderate errors
  • 79% decrease in severe errors
  • 231% increase in Quick Answers (13 in Jan vs. 43 in July)

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