Melton Trucking Increases Traffic by 25% Without New Content

Proven SEO success with BrightEdge builds case for SEO program

increase in traffic
new content created


"I did extensive research looking for the best SEO and content tool. The first thing that made me choose BrightEdge over the competitors was the Data Cube--the fact that it uses actual data versus extrapolated data. Every other one I looked at was extrapolated data. Extrapolated data provides an educated guess, but it’s still a guess versus real data. That made a big difference."


"After a software purchase, a lot of time the service and attention just falls off. But the BE team, every one I’ve had over the years, has just been better and better, and that’s incredible. The service is so hands-on that it’s almost like a part-time head count.

BrightEdge is a really invaluable to help build buy in for content. It’s really hard to try to explain to people that we work to rank for 'this' keyword. You can’t rank for a word you don’t have content for.

On our main site, position and traffic are good but similarly we still need to expand content. I have a new boss, so we did this thing I called an SEO 'deep dive.' I brought her in and did a 50K foot overview of all the different components that make up my job and when we got to certain ones, particularly content and search, I pulled BrightEdge up. I did a comparison between us and some competitors, and I was actually fairly shocked at the recent progress."


"The green arrows and up percentages were the best I’ve seen. We gained 25% on 10 striking distance key words, so that’s impressive and perfect timing, so thanks to BrightEdge for that. That was just month-over-month and we picked up 25% traffic volume without the benefit of new content. There are just some keywords that due to scale, we may never get first rank, but if we can move up just a few places that’s a big win. That helped me immensely with 'buy in' for content production going forward." -- Frank Priboy, Advertising Manager, Melton Truck Lines

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