IBM Transforms Its SEO Practice with BrightEdge

Tanu Javeri, Sr. Global SEO Strategist, IBM increases SEO traffic

organic traffic increase
increase in traffic engagement


For two years IBM utilized an internal tool for their SEO needs that limited their capabilities in two main areas: 1) It did not allow them to track categories, making it difficult for their team to properly track data effectively, 2) The lack of data integration limited their ability to view trends to properly track the performance of their pages.


Many of the IBM team members were already familiar with the BrightEdge platform from previous roles, making it an easy choice to select BrightEdge due to its access to robust data points and integration capabilities with other platforms to achieve their reporting goals. With the assistance of the BrightEdge team, IBM was able to seamlessly migrate a massive amount of data from their internal tool to the BrightEdge platform.


With the shift to BrightEdge, IBM is now able to:

  • Create a clear page hierarchy to manage the amount of URLs for a large enterprise organization.
  • Create a newly formed SEO framework to break down their priorities to a product level and enable their team to define what they want to achieve from an optimization perspective.
  • Leverage dashboard capabilities to capitalize on integrated analytics data to accurately track their new product performance, providing their product owners with an end-to-end journey. Product owners can now focus their attention on which keywords they should be leveraging and how their pages are performing.
  • Roll out an international expansion of their SEO solutions to key geographical teams by leveraging BrightEdge’s ContentIQ to prioritize technical fixes.

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