The Search Opportunity

People use search engines to access the world. Tapping into this massive opportunity and seeing results requires advanced technology and search engine management.

Over the last 10 years, search has become the user interface for the Internet. Before the era of the search engine began, online users were in charge of remembering URLs and domains, and shopping and research was strictly limited to malls and big-box retailers. Things have dramatically changed since then. In 2013, Google alone hosted almost six billion queries per day.

While it’s easy to see the impact of search on a large scale, day-to-day searches and questions flooding in from around the world prove its massive reach. Search is how people — no matter their corner of the globe — access the world and learn new things. Children as young as four years old know how to take advantage of search engines, as do their much older grandparents. No matter the intent, billions of people flock to prominent search engines everyday, doing research and making purchasing decisions across industries. 

With all these searches occurring daily, businesses around the world have a tremendous opportunity for exposure. If businesses are trying to sell a product or service, there’s no better way to reach their target market. Research shows that organic search is the largest driver of traffic across all major industries – driving on average 51% of website traffic, and 40% of website revenue. The potential is there to see major success from search — but brands have to know how to use it.

While this massive opportunity is ripe for the taking, search engines are complex and nuanced areas to explore. And, search is not a one size fits all approach. Search engine results pages (SERP) vary dramatically from mobile to desktop. BrightEdge research has shown a 62% variance in the results from Google desktop vs. mobile device. The only way to truly make the most of search’s massive potential is to find an advanced search technology to assist them. It’s no secret that search content and keywords can be optimized for success — but without a reliable partner, how can marketers know what works and what doesn’t? That’s just the beginning. Throw in the endless amounts of data streaming in from searches, keywords and consumer behavior, spanning rich-media content, and across different device types, and locations, and companies will undoubtedly need insight from a search engine technology to help them analyze this massive data-set and take action.

And let’s not pretend that only a few companies are tapping into the power of search. Understanding the competitive landscape — what competitors are doing, how they’re doing it and where they’re seeing success — is crucial to gaining the advantage. With all the different possibilities for success that search offers, making a solid and sincere investment in technology will help brands manage and win the market.

Seven years ago, BrightEdge realized the need to make organic search a predictable marketing channel. To help businesses realize their true potential, BrightEdge built a sophisticated solution to help marketers move the needle on search. Powered by the DataCube, BrightEdge technology supports helps over 8,500 brands understand search engine-fueled data and maximize the value of their content efforts. With a relentless commitment to innovation, and over 81 product releases, BrightEdge has dozens of features, including Blended Rank, Mobile SEO, and Content Optimizer to bridge the gap between SEO and content efforts, BrightEdge’s suite of advanced technology can help brands take their search and content strategy to new heights.

SEO represents close to 70% of our audience, and we have anywhere from 20-40 MM users come through our channels.