Ignite Campaigns

Optimize all your existing content

At BrightEdge we’re committed to the success of every digital marketer. Leveraging the best practices of the community, we developed Ignite Campaigns to create an even playing field for all levels of digital marketers. Ignite Campaigns is the by-product of the best practices established over the past eight years, spanning across 1,000 customers and billions of dollars tracked in the BrightEdge platform. With Ignite Campaigns we’ve empowered marketers to easily optimize all their content with a guided workflow.

Ignite campaigns illustrates the potential opportunity of existing content, with recommendations based on a brand’s competitors successful content strategies. Once a marketer updates their content, they are moved through the next step in the implementation workflow.

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BrightEdge Guides Marketers Through the Steps to Successful Marketing Campaigns

  • Guided workflow to support new and experienced marketers
  • Easy to follow proven recommendations
  • Track progress and close the loop on content optimization

Drive Content Performance with a Simple Four-Step Workflow

  1. Choose your pages
  2. Review your keywords
  3. Build your success plan
  4. Take action

Campaign Management

Marketers can keep easily keep their team aligned by assigning team members to campaigns, and customizing the email frequency for campaign updates. And, campaign performance can be visualized in custom Dashboard templates to track progress.

BrightEdge allows us to scale to track content performance.

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