Content Optimizer

Create better content to win on the content battleground

Content OptimizerAs brands become publishers, content is created, consumed, and shared at unprecedented scale. More than 27 million pieces of content are shared each day — making content marketing more strategic for businesses than ever. As consumers interact with dozens of brands, every brand is fighting the battle for attention. The digital world is now the battleground for customer engagement.

Brands are eager to understand which content performs — and how it impacts their business. And to remain competitive, marketers need to understand who they are competing with, and what their competitors are doing to succeed.

BrightEdge Content Optimizer 4.0 enables brands to address these challenges head-on to create content that wins. What’s unique about BrightEdge is that we don’t just rely on first-party data. Instead, we analyze the web at scale to provide more impactful, actionable insights.

Now for the first time, content writers can increase the performance of their content while at the same time improving productivity. Armed with machine learning and insights into content demand powered by the BrightEdge Data Cube, authors can focus on the right topics. With the ability to tap into web-wide competitor content data, marketers know where their competition is succeeding and failing to develop content that outruns them.  And through an intuitive user interface, Content Optimizer 4.0 guides writers step-by-step to create content that is optimized for maximum traffic, conversions, and revenue without breaking or slowing down the content creation process.

BrightEdge + Adobe

BrightEdge is an Adobe Accredited Application Partner, with a five-year history of developing integrated technology offerings. Content Optimizer 4.0 brings the most powerful features and the intelligence of BrightEdge seamlessly into Adobe Experience Manager to drive proactive content optimization during content creation.

Identify the Right Topics and Content

  • Consumer Demand Targeting — Find the topics that are highest in demand and lowest in competition, ensuring content is optimized from day one.
  • Topic Personalization Engine — With the power of the BrightEdge Data Cube, pinpoint the group of topics your audiences care about most and optimize  for multiple topics all in one step.
  • Topics to Page Pairing — Pair the right topics with targeted web pages to improve organic search and customer reach without cannibalizing other pages.

Scout the Competition

  • Competitor Analysis — With the BrightEdge Data Cube, a detailed analysis of competitors’ digital content provides immediate insights to quickly take action. Webpage content is broken into page components, along with recommendations to create content that’s optimized before publishing.
  • Powerful Competitive Insights — Track top competitor strategies on page elements and use the insights to optimize pages for best performance.

Build Better Content and Incent Improvement

  • Content Optimization Progress Tracking — Apply content development best practices with on-page recommendations that drive content performance. Recommendations guide content authors seamlessly through each step directly within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), prompting optimization recommendations for more effective content.
  • Content Optimization Score — Set content improvement targets for each marketer to motivate content improvement by gaining points toward their target score.
  • Tailored Optimization— Assign more weight to content improvement steps that will have the greatest impact on your business to prioritize these enhancements.
  • Seamless Workflow — Access the Content Optimizer guided user interface within the AEM page-editing menu sidekick (AEM 5) or within the top navigation Content Optimizer icon (AEM 6), enabling seamless optimization within the content creation process.

Create a Culture of Content Optimization

  • Measure Content Optimization Compliance  — Understand where content optimizations have been completed, or still need to be made.
  • Policy Compliance Across Your Organization — Manage policies with built-in support for multiple teams, templates, websites, and policies. Set guidelines at the account level, or for all site-wide content.

Take It Easy on IT

Organizations can easily customize the impact level of content for their different business units with automated web content policy management, all while maintaining a secure enterprise environment.

  • Designed for Enterprise Architecture — Working with current infrastructure and IT investments, data is transferred through HTTP proxy and standard package share installation.
  • Enterprise Grade Security — Secure API access with government level encryption policies.
  • Trusted Technology — BrightEdge actively supports over 7,200 account integrations via the BrightEdge Connect API.

As brands realize the competitive advantage of engaging content, it’s increasingly important to optimize content while it is being developed and understand its performance.