Tasks & Workflow

Ranking on top of search engine results takes a concerted effort. For many enterprise organizations, content performance success is by necessity a team effort of experts, web developers, content strategists, writers, press relations, stakeholders and other players who are often geographically distributed. Writing compelling copy and compliant code are still baseline requirements for teams who must also seamlessly incorporate content performance best practices and recommendations. A holistic content performance strategy must include a way to proactively surface content recommendations to team members and close the loop on completed actions, all the while providing visibility to stakeholders into project tasks.

BrightEdge S3 accelerates team collaboration with built-in project management designed for enterprise. From dashboard reporting to automatically closing completed tasks, BrightEdge S3 tasks and workflow management system supports an integrated enterprise content performance workflow.

BrightEdge S3 Workflow & Tasks

BrightEdge offers Workflow & Tasks, an advanced solution offering real-time visibility into project status while reducing time and effort spent managing projects. Workflow & Tasks plays a critical role in delivering the traffic and conversions today's digital marketing organizations require.

A component of the full-featured BrightEdge Platform, the Workflow & Tasks advanced solution also offers real-time visibility into project status while reducing the time and effort spent managing these projects. Workflow & Tasks plays a critical role in delivering the traffic and conversions today's web marketing organizations need.

Achieve Content Performance Success

  • Turn any marketing activity into a project plan Every marketing activity, including recommendations offered by the BrightEdge Platform can easily be turned into a global project plan with tasks, owners and timelines. 
  • Track task progress from start to finish Task status and progress is available in just a few clicks, making it easy to stay on top of team progress.
  • Auto-detect task completion Already added that keyword to the page? BrightEdge automatically detects completed tasks and marks them as done, saving time and effort for team members.
  • No spreadsheets Manage entire project without spreadsheets, manual data entry and emailing documents back and forth.

I can assign tasks to team members, so they know what activities they're going to be performing to affect our numbers, and ultimately our traffic and revenue.