Universal Search

Expand your content performance success to Universal Search

Universal Search presents a huge opportunity for marketers. Thumbnails of images, videos, places, and news in search results attract the most attention from users. Ranking for this content drives greater conversions while also grabbing market share from competition, since real estate on the first page of search results is limited.

Marketers face challenges when trying to optimize content performance for universal search across multiple types of content, in addition to text. They also have limited visibility into keyword performance for the different types of content, for their own companies as well as competitors’.

universal search results graph

BrightEdge S3 helps marketers outrank competition and drive greater conversions by optimizing their sites for images, video, places, and news, while also understanding their true rank with Blended Rank.

One of my favorite new features in BrightEdge is Blended Rank because I can see how my pages, videos, and images rank in natural and universal search results, and it allows me to compare the classic against the blended search rankings and see where there is opportunity to optimize for video and images.