Search Opportunity Forecasting

Measure & Predict the Financial Value of Content

Organizations want to understand the real business value of content projects to assess the ultimate impact of content performance on their business. Quantifying the value of content performance allows digital marketers to make a business case to executives for investment in content marketing and focus on prioritized opportunities that deliver the maximum results (such as revenue and cost savings).

Search Opportunity Forecasting, a BrightEdge innovation, provides accurate financial forecasting, allowing practitioners to leverage web analytics in order to demonstrate the business value of content performance.

Drive Greater ROI with BrightEdge S3

  • Forecast value of projects - Forecast the financial impact of organic search prior to the start of projects
  • Make a business case for content performance - Drive executive investments by making a business case based on forecasted business results
  • Prioritize keyword opportunities - Focus on keyword opportunities that allow you to achieve forecasted business outcomes.

First Ever Predictive Analytics for Content Performance

  • Align forecasts with your business - Create custom forecasts based on ranking, difficulty of rank improvement, search volume, cost per click and click through rate , among other variables
  • Identify high-impact keywords - Hone in on keywords with the maximum potential for delivering business results
  • Model multiple scenarios - Modeling forecasts based on aggressive, conservative, moderate and custom rank improvement scenarios for every chosen keyword opportunity

Search Opportunity Forecasting

The BrightEdge platform is great because previously we had to spend a lot of time internally forecasting for each of our clients. The BrightEdge platform does all of that for us, takes all the guess work out of it. We really trust that data, and what we get out is an efficient way to forecast.