How Do You Increase Your YouTube Ranking?

How do you increase your YouTube ranking?

YouTube is the second-largest search engine, behind only Google. It has more than a billion users and has seen 50% growth in viewing time year-over-year for the past 3 years. YouTube offers you tremendous opportunities for brand growth. When you create a well-received video, you have the potential to reach millions of active users.

YouTube is a well-regarded site by Google. Videos that appear well on YouTube rankings also have the potential to rank on the regular Google SERPs. Since videos are indexed individually, you have the potential to receive even more traffic through video-relevant queries on the search engines, which will then give your brand even more attention.

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is the optimization of YouTube pages and videos. Like Google, the search engine has an intricate algorithm that determines how your videos will appear in their YouTube ranking. There are a few different criteria that SEOs have isolated that you should consider:

  • The video description, title, and tags, which help tell YouTube what your video is about
  • The number of watches that your video receives
  • How well-regarded your video channel is, particularly how many followers you have and how popular your other videos are
  • The number of thumbs up and comments your video receives
  • How often your video is shared

How can I get more YouTube subscribers?

As with other types of content, doing research and following content best practices will help you create high-quality video content that is well received by viewers, YouTube rankings, and other search engines.

First, pay attention to the queries that are popular for videos. You can use the BrightEdge Data Cube to see which keywords have video results and use this insight to select topics for your video content.

Create high-quality videos using professional equipment for shooting and editing when possible. Remember that the video is an extension of your brand so you want it to reflect the same level of professionalism and quality. Create a video that is at least 3-5 minutes long with an engaging introduction to encourage people to stay on the page. Keep in mind that YouTube users are not on the platform for advertising; they want to be entertained and educated. Creating viddeo content that is poorly executed or that pushes your brand or product with little additional value will be a turn off. Viewers may drop off midway through and are unlikely to share it with others.

Optimize the video with a thorough description, tags, and a title that uses your targeted keyword and provides an accurate idea of what your video contains. Remember to promote your video throughout your website, social media platforms, email campaigns, and other marketing efforts. And don’t stop at just one! Follow up your high-quality video with more videos to create a respectable channel that can be relied upon as an excellent resource.

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