Execute Website Analysis with BrightEdge Integration

How do I use Google Analytics?

You'll want to use Google Analytics to:

  1. Improve your site
  2. Better understand your demographics
  3. Help with budget and resource discussions with the c-suite

1. Improve your site. You want to use Google Analytics throughout your marketing campaigns. Before you begin to run any new campaigns or begin a new SEO strategy, you will want to get a baseline of how your site performs. This will help you better understand how your campaign and strategies impact your actual site performance.

Your baseline should include a solid understanding of your traffic rates, bounce rate, and conversion rates. As you begin to make improvements, use Google Analytics to track your Use Google Analytics to track data and insights - brightedgeprogress. You want to watch and see how these rates change as your campaign progresses. This will tell you how people respond to your content and how well your changes are improving your online presence.

As you build out your site and your campaigns, you can also see how well people respond to the material. If people click on ads but then bounce quickly from the landing page, you know that the alignment between the two should be reworked to ensure that the landing page answers the needs of those who had clicked on the ad. Pages that do not do a good job of encouraging people to move into different areas of your site can be reworked to build their ability to engage with the audience.

2. Better understand your demographics. You can also use Google Analytics to better understand the demographics of your customers. If you operate largely in one geographic region, for example, you can see how well you appropriately target this area with local SEO. If you operate a large, multi-national company, you can see which areas of the world bring in the most traffic and conversions. This can help you better target your ideal customers.

If you are not reaching the people that you believe will be interested in your product, you can adjust your strategy. If you discover that an entirely new segment of people seem to respond well to your site and appear interested in your product that you had not previously discovered, you can now begin to create marketing materials especially targeted towards them.

3. Help with budget and resource discussions with the C-suite. Google Analytics can also provide valuable insight when it comes to tracking ROI for your different campaigns and creating budget presentations for your c-cuite. You can use the data to track the impact of the different parts of the site on your revenue with the different attribution models. This will allow you to begin to assign a value to your different campaigns and strategies. When it comes to speaking with leaders of your organization about the importance and impact of your different efforts, you will have concrete numbers to show them, which can bolster arguments for greater investment in online marketing.

Google Analytics data can provide you with a variety of different valuable data points. When this information is combined with BrightEdge for SEO insight, it can help you take your site to the next level.