How Do You Make An Effective Video?

The first step in creating effective video content is knowing what your audience wants to see. Performing keyword research, using the BrightEdge Data Cube, will help you find topics that are the most commonly searched for by your targeted audience. Data Cube will also tell you if the keywords in question serve effective video content on the SERP, which will make it clear which topics are highly relevant for video.

Follow these tips to ensure that your video captures your audience’s attention and ensure that they watch it from beginning to end:

  • Create an engaging and helpful video script. People are not looking for a commercial or sales pitch; they want to be entertained or to create an effective video - brightedge
  • Choose appealing customers, employees, or actors to be in the video. People need to be interested in your video to watch it all the way through, so select subjects that will be able to hold their attention and articulately share a compelling story.
  • Create a high-quality video. Videos that are shot with poor lighting or low grade cameras, for example, tend to be distracting and can even detract from your brand’s reputation.

Once you have uploaded your new content, make sure you optimize it. This includes adding tags and descriptions that will help it stand out from the rest while also being clear about the content topics you cover. You will also need to distribute and promote your video as much as possible by linking to the video from your social media platforms, emails and website.

What makes a video good?

There are three factors that can help create an effective video.

  • Create an engaging video script
  • Choose appealing customers, employees, or actors to be in the video
  • Create a high-quality video using professional equipment

Why is a video so effective in marketing?

Videos are becoming an increasingly popular means of communicating with visitors. An estimated 59 percent of senior executives prefer videos over text content. And 82 percent of businesses say that videos have had a positive impact on their success. With customers finding value in accessing video content in their online journey, brands are responding by creating interesting and informative clips, to more effectively engage with a greater percentage of their target population.

What role do videos play in establishing relationships with prospective customers?

Effective videos can be a helpful means of building relationships with target customers. Site owners are encouraged to include images with their content because it helps to establish a more personal connection. Videos take this benefit to the next level. Now, instead of just viewing static images of people from your organization or your products, viewers can hear you speak, listen to other customers describing your service, or see your products in action. This will help you to build a more personal relationship with the prospects and thus encourage greater trust and loyalty, boosting your site success.

Creating an effective video can be a major asset for your website. Understanding what makes a video effective can help you develop content that excels.

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