What is a Google Quality Score?

What is a Google Quality Score?
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In short, Google Quality Score measures how relevant a PPC landing page is to a specific search query and the keywords targeted in the advertisement. Quality Score directly impacts the cost per click in Ads. A high Google Quality Score indicates an excellent user experience on the ad and a landing page that matches the intent indicated in the search. Ads cost per click is competitive and varies according to Quality Score.

Google uses Quality Score to determine your ad rank and prioritize ads, content, and landing pages that create value for user and the advertiser. Marketers are rewarded with a lower cost per click by creating content and a user experience that matches the intent of their search queries.

What contributes to Google Quality Score?

  • Click-through rate (CTR) on each ad
  • Semantic robustness and relevance of landing page copy
  • Keyword’s relevance to its ad group
  • Past Ads account performance

What is a good quality score?

In order to have a good quality score, you need to first have a keyword for your Ad. Once you've researched keywords and decided on one, you'll be able to determine whether or not you have a good quality score. Typically, a good one is between 8 and 10 when you're working with branded keywords. A score of 7 to 9 is good for commerical keywords. You can see a better score when you target your audience correctly and write ads of high quality that are also unique.

How do I improve my Google Quality Score?

WhiteHat Security increased its Quality Score by optimizing the BrightEdge Content platform. They began by building discoverable content based on the platform’s recommendations and then determined that this same content could serve as landing pages for its PPC campaigns. High quality landing pages that use a family of semantically similar keywords and are connected to the same phrases people search for, generally result in a higher Quality Score. The added visibility of optimized content will help keep paid audiences, improve organic reach, and lower costs. When landing pages are ranked higher for organic search in Google’s search engine, this also improves your Quality Score.

How do I optimize similar keywords for organic search?

Blending SEO and PPC strategies around optimized content should drive improved results for both programs. Paid keywords that also rank well in organic search tend to have a higher Google Quality Score than paid keywords without an organic presence. An organic presence suggests the high-quality content search engine users are looking for and it could also be due to higher CTRs from search engines.

Lower your CPC rate and increase traffic by implementing SEO strategies and a PPC campaign in tandem. SEO powers relevant and optimized PPC landing pages, and using organic pages with overlapping and similar keywords to bolster your Quality Score.

Extend your advertising budget with optimized landing pages

WhiteHat Security struggled to keep their PPC costs down until it began lowering their Ads cost per click using SEO optimized content. Creating landing pages with popular keywords that match the ad content increases your website’s Google Quality Score. This lowers cost per click and dramatically extends an advertising budget. The impact? WhiteHat Security doubled their Quality Score and reduced their CPC by 22.8%.

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