Hybrid Marketing Best Practices

Create a hybrid strategy for your marketing team with these tips - BrightEdgeWhat is hybrid marketing?

A hybrid marketer is one that is not hindered by a specific marketing specialty, but rather knows how to use a variety of skills and techniques to run campaigns using a more integrated marketing approach. For example, as a social media marketer, you might also understand how to do content marketing and analytics. If you are a content marketer, you might also be familiar with PPC and email.

Build Omni-Channel Marketing Campaigns

What are the benefits of hybrid marketing?

A hybrid strategy makes it easier for brands to build a marketing department that is not dependent on silos. By cultivating talent that reaches across the artificial boundaries that divide different marketing teams, brands can create fully integrated marketing campaigns that have common goals and create a common customer experience, regardless of where people interact with the brand.

By creating a department with these diverse talents, the brand positions itself to grow with the latest marketing developments and take advantage of best practices.

How does having a hybrid strategy help your career?

It has become increasingly apparent that there are talent gaps in the marketing world. According to the Online Marketing Institute’s State of Digital Marketing Talent, there is a 29 percent talent gap in mobile marketing and a 37 percent talent gap in analytics. Companies are having trouble finding the professionals that can help build organizations.

By expanding your skills beyond your initial marketing specialty, you will become more marketable to other organizations and more valuable to your existing organization. You can also play a key role in helping your brand break down the unnecessary silos, propelling your marketing abilities forward.

How do you do hybrid marketing?

  1. Find some related marketing fields that would be a good match for your skills and goals. Remember that mobile marketing and analytics are becoming increasingly important in the marketing world.
  2. Look into potential trainings run by your business or speak with members of those specialty teams. You might find some like-minded people who are interested in learning more about your skill set.
  3. Find online classes-- there are a variety of free tutorials-- that will help you start to dive into your new subject area, so take advantage of them as well.

As the marketing world matures, the hybrid marketer, who is not limited in their abilities when it comes to promoting a brand, will come to dominate. To make sure you remain relevant in the field, cultivate your own skills and stay on top of the latest advancements.

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