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Jim Yu
M Posted 9 years ago
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Today, we're excited to announce the release of Content Optimizer 3.0 which integrates with Adobe Experience Manager. As clear leaders in the market BrightEdge has designed this product specifically with our customer feedback in mind to address the challenges they face on the increasingly competitive content battlefield. Content Optimizer 3.0 provides an in-depth snapshot of your competitors' content along with actionable insights into how you can adjust your own content accordingly to gain a competitive edge.  see Content Optimizer 3.0 - brightedge Intrigued? Schedule your demo today. With 27 million pieces of digital content being shared every single day, we believe that understanding your competition is critical. The bottom line is that if you don’t have a competitive view, your content will not thrive in the long run.

With this new technology you no longer have to rely on trial and error to see what works; Content Optimizer 3.0 gives you an unrivaled understanding of the competitive landscape at every step of the process. Last year over 50 household name brands upgraded to the BrightEdge platform as more and more marketers share in the BrightEdge Content Performance Marketing vision. Available today, Content Optimizer 3.0 harnesses Data Cube intelligence to enable marketers to better understand how their content performs against competitors.

Content Optimizer 3.0 is powerful enough to be a standalone solution in its own right. With competitive analysis alongside actionable recommendations, Content Optimizer 3.0 helps marketers to produce quality content that is targeted for the user, optimized at the time of creation and measured at scale. Key features of Content Optimizer 3.0 include:

  • Competitor Analysis: Marketers have access to a detailed analysis of competitors’ digital content. It’s presented in a beautifully designed interface that offers immediate insights to quickly take action. Content Optimizer is the only content marketing technology that looks at competing content, breaks it down in detail, and provides recommendations so marketers can create content that wins from day one.
  • Consumer Demand Targeting: The easy-to-navigate dashboard makes Content Optimizer 3.0 more configurable to the unique needs of every marketer, regardless of industry, geography or scale. Content Optimizer 3.0 guides content authors to better understand consumer demand around specific keywords and topics, so they can take action and boost the performance of their own content.
  • Content Optimization Progress Bar: The new progress bar feature offers marketers a detailed look at the momentum of their content optimization process, while also providing real-time best practices that allow marketers to optimize all content at point of creation.
  • Tailored Content Solutions:Content Optimizer 3.0 operates within the constraints of mobile and stubborn website templates to help content authors generate tailored content solutions to maximize the performance of their content within the boundaries in which they work. 

Join BrightEdge at the Adobe Summit on March 9th-13th The Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City is the place to be from March 9-13 to learn how other marketers are succeeding and how they are using Adobe Marketing Cloud. BrightEdge is once again a major sponsor, and we are looking forward to seeing current and future clients there. We hope you are able to join BrightEdge at Adobe Summit this year. If you do come, please stop by and say hello or contact us to arrange an exclusive demo of our new technology for content marketers.