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M Posted 9 years ago
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It’s a wonderful time of the year here at BrightEdge and we want to help make your holiday season merry and bright. And what’s merrier than receiving more data, available in more ways, on a global basis? We can’t think of anything. In partnership with our clients we’re fortunate to be the global leader in enterprise SEO. We now employ over 300 employees, across seven offices around the world. We invest where our customers are, their success is our success. With this release we’re excited to announce we’ve expanded the Data Cube Coverage to also include France and Japan which adds to our existing coverage in the US, UK, Australia, and Germany.  

What is the Data Cube?

The BrightEdge Data Cube is a massive content repository, and the industry’s largest data set, made up of billions of pieces of information which include: keywords, search terms, rich media, and content, along with its web performance metrics. BrightEdge processes over 100 terabytes of data each week. We do so because we realize today’s marketers need a massive data set to be able to understand their entire organic search footprint and take action based on that data. With the Data Cube you also have a view into your content performance score. With the Data Cube Score you have access to our powerful content performance rating to understand your potential site traffic.

You can also see performance over time with the Data Cube Time Machine, and understand what content has performed well historically. Together, the insights from Data Cube Score and Data Cube Time Machine are delivered as comprehensive, lightning fast, actionable intelligence, that help marketers set budgetary priorities for content development and marketing.

Access the power of the Data Cube in Page Reporting

With Secure Search we added capabilities to calculate estimated keyword values (revenue, conversions, visits) for a given page to help customers restore partial keyword visibility. Page Reporting also shows Actual keyword value. Additionally, we enabled customers to “Discover Keywords” that drive traffic to their page by leveraging our BrightEdge index (monthly and quarterly). In our Holiday Release, the “Discover Keywords” functionality now pulls data directly from the Data Cube. Pulling data directly from the Data Cube allows you to quickly access a larger data source that is updated more frequently, providing you with the freshest, most accurate data possible for your keyword discovery.  

Mobile & desktop site audit enhancements

Our gift to you this season is adding features that help users really up their search marketing game. We’ve continued to keep you ahead in mobile as mobile market share continues to increase. Our mobile research shows that tablets and smartphones now make up 35% of organic traffic. With new mobile Site Audit Enhancements, you can now perform more sophisticated analysis of your websites.

How site audit works

Site Audit ensures your site is healthy by doing the heavy lifting and identifying various SEO issues across different page types, and of course, telling you how to fix them. We’ve added six new Site Audit rules alerting you to problems that may be affecting your search performance. 

As always, we’re focused on keeping you ahead of the changes in search. With new Site Audit rules added to Mobile/Desktop Site Audit we help you comply with Google’s best practices, and keep you ahead in mobile.

Voice of customer – two new features

With our Voice of Customer program we’ve taken our commitment to customer success to the next level by enabling customers to submit ideas through our new Feature Ideas Portal. Through our features ideas portal, we’ve built new features you’ve asked for including streamlined data exports, and enhanced task management. With BrightEdge Tasks & Workflow we’ve added new functionality that enables you to easily identify completed work for a given reporting and associate that completed work with other performance metrics reports. You can also align the new features with how you are organizing your teams and allocating your task recommendations.