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Nicole Lopuch
M Posted 9 years ago
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At BrightEdge our top value is customer success. Since our inception in 2007, we have dedicated ourselves to the SEO community by developing the most innovative SEO technology that increases visibility, uncovers competitive insights, and elevates SEO to a C-level imperative. Our customers have been able to successfully demonstrate SEO is the predominant digital channel for their organizations and advance their careers.

At Share13, we were proud to share stories of how several of our long-term customers have been promoted from SEO Specialist to SEO Director, and others from Director of SEO to VP of Customer Acquisition. At Share14, you can look forward to more inspiring stories, fantastic research, and networking opportunities.

SEO practitioners and digital marketers are truly our favorite people! The features in our latest release are designed to help our customers make an even bigger impact within their organizations.

Channel Reporting

With our new Channel Reporting, we’ve empowered you to up-level the communication to your CMO by showing the importance and strength of SEO in relation to other digital marketing channels, in a data driven way.

Gain Complete Visibility Across Your Marketing Channels

  • Communicate the importance of SEO – Highlight the contribution of organic search to your total business performance and make a case for additional investments
  • Track performance across multiple channels – Understand which channels are performing and how to best allocate resources
  • Analyze trended, comparative metrics in a single view – Gain a complete view into Organic, Social, Paid, Direct, and Other channel performance in a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or flexible date range view
  • Drill into pages driving performance - Analyze which pages are driving organic revenue, conversions, and traffic in a seamless reporting flow to Page Reporting

Content Optimizer

Also in this release we’re introducing new technology to help you partner with your content team more closely than ever. With the latest version of Content Optimizer, we bring the most powerful features and intelligence of the BrightEdge S3 platform seamlessly into Adobe Experience Manager through an enterprise ready integration. Be sure to check out our Press Release from Adobe Summit.

BrightEdge + Adobe

BrightEdge is an Adobe Accredited Application Partner, with a history of developing powerful integrated technology offerings. BrightEdge Content Optimizer brings the most powerful features and the intelligence of the BrightEdge S3 platform seamlessly into Adobe Experience Manager through an enterprise ready integration.

Content and editorial teams can leverage an out-of-the-box integration with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), allowing them to easily create content that is optimized for maximum traffic, conversions, and revenue without breaking or slowing down their content creation flow.

Content Optimizer provides organizations with recommendations that evolve along with the search landscape and are compliant with the complex structure of large websites.

Key benefits for digital marketers:

  • Optimal Content Structure: SEO managers are now able to determine the optimal structure for effective content, set guidelines and policies within the BrightEdge S3 platform, and instantly share these guidelines in Adobe Experience Manager, connecting SEO know-how with the content creation process.
  • Policy Compliance Across an Organization: Manage policies with out-of-the-box support for multiple teams, templates, and SEO policies. Set SEO guidelines for all site-wide content and enforce compliance across multiple teams and templates.
  • SEO Checklist for Succes: Focus on what matters with up to 16 on-page recommendations that have the most impact on search performance. Access recommendations based on their rank, on-page elements, social media traction and backlink profile.

BrightEdge Global Data Cube

We’re also excited to announce that our Data Cube is Generally Available. For customers in the UK working with our London team, we’re happy to announce the BrightEdge Global Data Cube with UK coverage. With the Data Cube, customers now have access to the industry’s largest, most accurate and actionable SEO dataset. 

The Largest, Most Accurate Database

The BrightEdge Data Cube is a massive content repository, the industry’s largest data set made up of billions of pieces of information which includes: keywords, search terms, rich media, and content, along with its performance on the web.

BrightEdge processes over 100 terabytes of data each week. We do so because we realize today’s marketers need a massive data set to be able to understand their entire organic search footprint and take action off of that data.

Hear Our Story About the BrightEdge Data Cube

How the Data Cube Works

Within one centralized view, marketers may perform either URL-based or Keyword-based research in real-time. BrightEdge provides two ways to access the Data Cube. With Goal Based Research we help marketers quickly identify the data that matters most, aligning SEO with business outcomes. With Freeform Search marketers can enter in a keyword or URL in the same way a Google search is performed.