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Dharmesh Patel
M Posted 8 years ago
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For those working in the tech software industry, succeeding in search continues to be an ever-pressing concern. Fortunately, 62 percent of tech marketers who have a documented content strategy say that this form of marketing has been effective for them. That is why Share15 will bring together some of the brightest mind in tech marketing to help you dive into the major issues marketing faces in this vertical. We want you to walk away from the event feeling confident in the marketing plan for your brand.

Incorporating analytics and data into marketing

Data-driven content is the key to making sure that your marketing efforts are reaching the intended audience and having the desired impact, but one of the top five problems listed by technology marketers is accurately measuring the effectiveness of content. Although most in the industry recognize the importance of looking at metrics to gauge success, there are many who struggle with implementing the idea. At Share15 there will be several different topics that will focus on addressing data integration and tools.

share15 - brightedgeJennifer Day, the Senior Director of Demand Generation for Tableau Software, will be one of three speakers addressing about how marketers use data to bolster cross-channel digital marketing strategies. The talk will focus around maximizing ROI by understanding your target audience and how to build an effective cross-channel mix.

Kirill Kronrod, the Senior Global SEO Manager for Adobe, will take data in a slightly different direction and explore content measurement and how to make sure that your content is meeting your performance standards. The presentation will delve into ROI, report value and other critical metrics as well as third-party analytics and ensuring that your content produces the results intended.

Sudhir Sharma, the Director of SEO for Movoto, will contribute through a fascinating conversation about taking data and using it to inform your decision making. This presentation will also discuss using data from 1st and 3rd parties to gain the most accurate picture about the performance of your content marketing.            

Leveraging content production to create effective marketing campaigns

The backbone of any online marketing campaign is high-quality content that meets the needs of the customer. Content, however, does present a number of challenges for tech companies. Sixty nine percent say that a lack of time is a major obstacle for them when it comes to effective online marketing. Producing enough content and making sure that the content is engaging are also noted as significant challenges, with over 50 percent listing them. Share15 will be bringing in several prominent speakers who can help tech marketers learn how to overcome these factors as well.

Allison Fabella, the Director Global SEO for CareerBuilder, will be joining other speakers to discuss scaling content and how to produce it effectively within an organization. The presentation will give you great ideas for building a strong content culture and how to create a collaborative process to facilitate effective content production.

Alex Volk, the Director of Search Marketing for Microsoft, will also be adding insight to the discussion by delving into how organizations can mature in their content production to account for search opportunities. Learn how to achieve maximum efficiency through capturing economies of scale while also carefully monitoring SEO performance.

Content performance does not always apply solely to content on websites, it can also include content for email marketing campaigns. That is why Tyler Altrup, the Senior Sales Consultant for Oracle, and Dave Lawson, the Director of Solution Consulting - North America for Ignition One, will be speaking about effective email marketing and marketing automation.           

Where marketing is going in the future

Marketing capabilities continue to change and adapt as the algorithm updates, customer expectations change as the tools available improve. Keeping up with the rest of the industry, and even getting ahead of the curve, can be a challenge for many tech companies. Fortunately, there will be several different industry professionals who will be offering presentations that will address core issues facing marketers in the upcoming year.

Charmaine Madamba, the Senior Search Marketing Manager from Citrix Systems, and Cindy Phan, the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing Strategy for VMWare, will dive into the subject of the convergence between paid, earned and owned media. As marketers become more sophisticated, it is becoming increasingly more apparent that these three silos need to work together. These speakers will explore how to use holistic strategies and create branded storylines. 2014 has also seen tremendous changes in the Google algorithm, including the famed mobile update. These updates have left countless brands scrambling to make sure their sites were ready. This stressful process has resulted in many marketers asking how they can move beyond the algorithm and stop perpetually responding to updates to avoid massive traffic hits.

Dawna Olsen of Epicor will share insights from a major site update she executed this year and how companies can begin to optimize for their users and get ahead of the curve. The Google mobile update caused quite an uproar when it went live in April 2015. Although people knew that mobile was growing in importance, many had put off the efforts needed to ensure that their websites were mobile-ready. As the importance of mobile continues to grow in the coming years, companies now need to be ready to serve these customers.

Denis Scott, the Senior Director of Acquisition Marketing for OpenTable will be discussing the latest in mobile friendly techniques and how to measure and understand your brand’s mobile performance. Share15 presents incredible opportunities for diving into the hottest topics of conversation with some of the greatest minds in the tech software industry. Exchange ideas, learn and excel in online marketing when you come to this event. We look forward to seeing you at Share15. If you have not registered yet, come visit our event page and learn more about how the conference can help those in the software industry.

Conference Details September 21-23 Westin St. Francis San Francisco, CA