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The letter in the alphabet that’s buzzing in the digital marketing community is “R” for RankBrain. Google RankBrain that is.

Announced on October 25th RankBrain is Google’s latest algorithm update, focused on Machine Learning. In this post, we’ll be walking you through a step-by-step guide for how BrightEdge’s existing technology helps our customers stay ahead of RankBrain and get high Google ranking.

But first, let’s take a step back and look at the key things marketers should know about RankBrain. As detailed in our blog post yesterday, here are the main points you should know:

  1. RankBrian is Google’s machine-learning system that helps it understand and rank previously unseen queries
  2. Google RankBrain impacts well over 450 million queries a day
  3. While Google has not released how exactly the algorithm works, it is reasonable to assume that RankBrain helps tie semantically similar phrases together to deliver relevant search results to new queries
  4. Brands and marketers should continue to focus on producing high-quality content as these advancements aimed at pairing the best content with the user become more commonplace.

The good news for BrightEdge customers is that you are prepared to succeed with Google RankBrain due to innovative technology that already exists in the BrightEdge platform. Our two-part solution involves first protecting your existing traffic and second proactively finding keyword opportunities.

Phase 1: Protect your existing traffic from the Google RankBrain update

Make sure the topics previously driving traffic to your site before the Google RankBrain algorithm update haven’t been lost. Here’s the 3-step process:

Understand changes by setting up Anomaly Detection rules to answer the following questions:

  • Has keyword performance changed significantly?
  • At a page level how has performance changed for traffic, conversions, and revenue?
  • How does RankBrain affect my Share of Voice?

Compare your site performance to your nearest competitors to identify changes. Perform side-by-side analysis to understand your competitor’s content strategies and gain additional context into your Data Cube Score. Watch Video

Measure your KPIs with StoryBuilder:

  • Identify the keywords that moved into page 1, moved out of page 1, or changed in rank
  • See the pages with the top traffic losses or gains
  • View the trend of revenue and conversions, and identify if there is a drop
  • Compare my performance versus competitors, and Share of Voice and Share of Voice change

Phase 2: Proactively find new content opportunities

Identify new topics driving traffic to your site with the Data CubeIdentify and track those keywords and create keyword groups

Analyze your competitive content gap with Data Cube Site ComparisonFind out what terms your competitors rank on, and create a keyword group with new opportunities

Create an Ignite Campaign with the new terms, keyword groups, pages, and page groups

Monitor with Anomaly Detection. Real-time custom notifications allow you to celebrate success and detect anomalies to elevate your profile as you deliver business results.

Report with StoryBuilder. Add an Event to StoryBuilder charts to annotate the date of the Google RankBrain algorithm change

Keeping You Ahead of the Changes in Search

Google updates their algorithm more than 500 times a year. When Google makes a significant algorithm update like RankBrain, BrightEdge customers can count on us with innovations to help them stay ahead.

With Anomaly Detection, Data Cube, StoryBuilder, and Ignite Campaigns technology, our customers can protect their existing traffic, proactively identify new opportunities, and continue to successfully run content marketing by the numbers.  

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