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Mark Aspillera
M Posted 8 years ago
t 1 min read

You think you know SEO? Our research here at BrightEdge has found that an estimated 53% of all the traffic on the average website comes from organic search. This means that when it comes to succeeding online, SEO needs to be at the core of everything you do. Ranking highly on the SERPs has the potential to bring you more customers than email marketing, social media, and paid marketing combined.Take this SEO quiz - BrightEdge

  • Sites that rank in the top 5 spots receive more than 60 percent of the clicks on the SERP
  • 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine
  • 70 percent of the links that users will click on are organic
  • SEO-generated leads have an average close rate of over 14%

Any website that wants to succeed in digital marketing needs to have an understanding of SEO and how they can make adjustments to their site and content to maximize their appearance. Only a few professionals, however, are able to rightly call themselves SEO experts. We wanted to create a fun SEO quiz that would allow you to see just how well you understand the specialty. Do you think you have what it takes to get a perfect score?

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