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Sudhir Sharma
M Posted 9 years ago
t 1 min read

Your content marketing might not be doing what you think it's doing. You'd like to think that once you come up with a genius idea, it will go viral, bring traffic, convert that traffic into sales and then turn visitors into brand advocates. What it does, however, is a little bit different. Instead, content marketing, as shown in this infographic, works with smart SEO tactics to build authority and increase awareness of your brand.

Good content will build positive associations with your brand. More of this quality content will help to make your company rank higher in search results because of higher authority. As a result, someone who has a need for your product or service (and who has perhaps never even experienced your content before) will find you in a query on Google and will convert. So take a look at this infographic and read this blog post to find out how content marketing really works and how you can make your content calendar work for you.

how content marketing works infographic - brightedge