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Gabby Regalbuto
M Posted 3 years ago
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Digital Marketing

Following market trends on a regular basis will help your business to understand customer search behaviors and customer search intent in order to maintain or pivot strategies for maximum sales opportunities. Market Insights is BrightEdge’s newest innovation that allows marketers to tap into search data, the world’s largest, most agile and honest focus group.

Creating Market Insights

Search behavior offers a unique perspective on what audiences care about and how they think about products, services and information. The challenge is that visualizing and capturing this data in a way that makes it scalable so a company can truly use it to sense what their market wants is difficult. BrightEdge saw an opportunity to leverage billions of data points collected via Data Cube to build a new way of understanding a market that has the depth of business intelligence at the speed of search.

For example, if you’re an apparel company, you may have seen an increase in interest of your loungewear products over the last year. Market Insights can show you the interest in near real-time using Google’s search volume and keyword rank data. It can provide the pages of your site that should be optimized, and the specific keywords consumers are searching for in order to capitalize on those opportunities. Since this insight is rooted in search, it refreshes and updates automatically so brands can sense and respond in real-time as consumer preferences for loungewear products change.

Often when companies are trying to understand their market, they might work with an agency or marketing firm to conduct surveys, consumer interviews, testing, etc. to better gauge audience interest. Market Insights harnesses search data and provides direct and actionable insights to guide these marketing and SEO decisions. Rather than waiting for an agency report that comes every six months, Market Insights pulls data monthly. This enables marketers to stay on top of trends, quickly identify or pivot strategies and provide data to report to the appropriate person.

In addition, Market Insights provides granular data underneath these macro perspectives to drill down to individual keyword performance. Here, you can solve the needs of the executive team looking for market trends, to the SEO analyst who needs to understand tactical opportunities to influence web page performance. Market Insights is not just a one-time deliverable, but an ongoing solution to making decisions.

Using Market Insights Dashboards

Market Insights offers dashboards that are updated monthly as new search volume is published. This provides fresh insights into market trends for businesses. The below dashboards are two of the main features of Market Insights and what they offer customers.

Demand Landscape Dashboards

  • Quickly see how demand is fluctuating across different categories
  • Drill into what fuels demand fluctuations down to the keyword level to aid in content and messaging strategies
  • Inclusive of six (6) Dashboards providing insights at various topic levels, keyword detail analysis and content recommendations

Market Authority Dashboards

  • Evaluate competition based on curated keyword collection and market taxonomy
  • Determine how you fare to competitors at page and keyword ranking levels
  • Influence keyword strategy using Dashboards providing authority keyword and page detail analysis at various topic levels

Over the past year, we have seen how volatile the market can be. Transforming real-world organic search data into insights provides a better way of viewing the consumer market and which areas of a business are showing an increased interest. Start making strategic and tactical decisions for SEO with Market Insights.