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M Posted 6 years ago
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Content Marketing
Highlights Today, we launched BrightEdge Content, a next-gen content marketing product that focuses heavily on content performance, and, by so doing, turns the outmoded publish-now-optimize-later paradigm on its head. The BrightEdge Content launch also represents the maturation of BrightEdge as a company that now offers two distinct products to different teams within the marketing organizations. Knowing that we can now help our customers solve a broader range of marketing challenges is exciting and rewarding.

Why we launched BrightEdge Content

Content performance has been our main corporate focus for years. When consumers and business buyers search for answers and solutions that our customers' content addresses, it's been our unrelenting mission to get that content to show up in search. We've worked hard to make that happen. Data Cube in BrightEdge S3 identifies important content opportunities for our customers, and Recommendations offer them clear step-by-step instructions on how to outperform the competition and engage searchers and readers. BrightEdge Content helps our customers move along the content performance arc from knowing to doing. It helps content writers and digital marketers control their own destiny, by providing them the capabilities and guidance they need to produce content that is optimized for search success and for reader engagement right from the start.
As our friends at eDriving, who has been a BrightEdge Content customer for a while, say: "BrightEdge Content is raising the bar of website content performance. After two months of using the product, organic traffic to its Smart Content increased by 590%. BrightEdge Content identifies the latest questions that are top of mind for our customers, and help us publish engaging content, so that we can be there when our customers need our advice."

How BrightEdge Content Delivers Smart Content

The good old publish-now-optimize-later content is underperforming. There is already a surplus of content out there, and most of it is rarely found. Simply producing more of the same content is not the solution. To rise above the noise -- and fast -- content has to be optimized from the moment it's launched. It has to be pre-optimized, and it has to stay optimized as new standards and best practices in SEO and mobile emerge. In other words, content has to be smart. We'll have a lot more to say about what Smart Content is in the weeks and months to come, but at a high-level, Smart Content meets these three criteria:

  1. Relevant and engaging when customers are searching for and consuming content
  2. Always tuned for SEO success
  3. Always tuned for mobile
BrightEdge Content offers the capabilities and guidance writers and marketers need to produce content that checks these three boxes:
  1. It guides marketers in creating content for specific customer intents that are in high demand yet currently underserved by the competition. It helps craft copy and creative that address precise questions that customers and prospects have.
  2. It automatically optimizes content copy and markup based on the most recent SEO best practices, enabling writers to focus on what they know best: telling engaging stories.
  3. It creates responsive content tuned for mobile. For instance, it automatically streamlines each content piece for Google AMP.

We believe that BrightEdge Content represents an industry breakthrough that will help our customers connect with their audiences at a more intimate and engaging level. It will increase the profitability of their search and direct response campaigns. And it will finally usher in and deliver on the promise of Smart Content. Today is indeed a special day for us, and we hope you share our excitement. To learn more about the BrightEdge Content launch, read the press release and sign up for our upcoming B2B webinar or B2C webinar.