Brightedge Announces Second Major US Patent For SEO

Patented "Reverse Index" Technology Powers Keyword discovery and Instant Identification of Online Competitors 

San Mateo, Calif - July 27, 2012 - BrightEdge, the global leader in enterprise SEO, announced today that it has been issued its second major patent by the United States Patent Office. The patent, U.S. Patent No.8,190,594, is titled "Collecting and Scoring Online References," and grants to BrightEdge the exclusive rights to the use of its proprietary "Reverse Index" of the web and novel ways to analyze organic search, social signals, and other data to optimize SEO strategies. This breakthrough technology gives BrightEdge customers a market edge and enables them to instantly discover new keywords and detect shifts in the competitive landscape critical to business success. 

BrightEdge's proprietary "Reverse Index" technology is utilized today in the company's SEO X-Ray offering. SEO X-Ray incorporates hundreds of millions of keywords in a massive index of search engine ranking data collected from around the globe and all the major search engines. With this innovative BrightEdge technology, customers can get visibility into many critical areas for marketers, including among others: 

  • Their entire Organic Search Footprint, as well as that of their competitors

  • The identity of new competitors - including those previously unknown to them

  • Visibility into keywords yielding results for their competitors (that they are not)

  • Discovery of new high performing keywords to target - "keyword discovery"

  • New insights into the interplay of organic search, social signals and other data

  • The ability to track & manage these keywords within the BrightEdge platform and further optimize their performance.

This unique, and now patented, capability allows companies to sharpen their competitive techniques and provide the needed transparency. to increase reach and effectiveness for SEO strategies while also delivering the most relevant content to their audiences. 

"BrightEdge's rapid growth and leadership in the SEO market is powered by our continuous technology innovation and our growing IP portfolio is great validation of our leadership in enterprise SEO," said Jim Yu, CEO, BrightEdge. "This particular patent adds real value to our customers and to the web experience of end-users. Innovations like our Reverse Index technology are why more than 2,000 brands currently have chosen BrightEdge." 

"We are very excited to receive our second issued patent, the first ever for reverse index technology for SEO," said Lemuel Park, CTO and co-founder, BrightEdge. "Our engineering team leads the SEO industry, and is a big reason why more and more customers see BrightEdge as the technology market leader with best-in-class solutions. This patent is another validation for our customers, our partners and our employees."

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