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The Complete Solution for Driving Content Performance with Facebook

Leveraging social media for search provides a significant opportunity for digital marketers to provide broad sweeping organization benefits, including: reputation management, increasing brand and product visibility, and driving engagement on social media sites.

Through a partnership with Facebook, BrightEdge has introduced a new way for digital marketers to effectively analyze, track, and optimize content performance for Facebook. BrightEdge is a Facebook-approved technology vendor in the highly selective Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program: an indication of the external validation of the unique ability BrightEdge has in delivering technology that makes social marketing easier and more impactful.

BrightEdge drives Social Content Performance with Facebook by:

  • Optimizing Facebook pages for relevance with search engines to increase organic rankings and traffic for those pages
  • Measuring the impact of Facebook Shares and Likes on improving rankings of any page on your website, especially pages targeting high-value head terms
  • Competitive analysis of your competitors social strategies to identify opportunities for you to gain an advantage
  • Demonstrating the ROI of your social efforts by creating reports and dashboards that measure the impact of your Facebook engagement, including traffic and revenue metrics

Taking Social Content Performance efforts for Facebook a step further, BrightEdge S3 Social Site Audit makes it possible to quickly analyze and track all Facebook optimizations by measuring compliance with Open Graph. Social Site Audit provides automated recommendations and instant reporting on Facebook optimization, giving practitioners and executives instant visibility into how Facebook is impacting their organic performance today, and over time.

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The social media tracking in BrightEdge is really valuable, it allows us to compare how likes and shares affect the rankings, and it gives us a chance to see where the opportunity is to share new content with our audience in social media.

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