BrightEdge Connect API

Connect Search and Social with Web Analytics and Marketing and Business KPIs

Digital marketers require a consistent view of marketing performance across all their programs based on a common set of Key Performance Indicators. With content performance growing in importance as a main driver of revenue, web analytics are central to providing trusted metrics for online business performance. The key challenge digital marketers face in deciphering analytics data, is integrating site performance metrics from their web analytics provider with other critical metrics such as search and social signals and business intelligence data.

BrightEdge Connect seamlessly links search and social performance with web analytics and other business data. BrightEdge Connect is a REST-based API that provides the 1,500+ brands that are actively using the API with a way to measure the effects and correlation between one indicator (e.g. search rankings, social signals, or backlinks) with analytics metrics (e.g. number of visits or conversions) and business intelligence KPIs.

BrightEdge Connect allows users to integrate BrightEdge data from major web analytics solutions including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Coremetrics, and Webtrends with other platforms that leverage REST-based APIs. 

Bring Site, Search, and Social into the CMO suite

  • Connect content performance to business metrics – integrating analytics into BrightEdge’s Customizable Dashboards connects the dots between content performance and revenue
  • Maximize the value from web analytics platforms – enable deeper insights into how search and social efforts drive site performance
  • Prioritize projects – contextualize among email and other marketing programs, and deliver on your most promising opportunities
  • Leverage consistent metrics – use a trusted set of metrics and attribution models
  • Easy setup – an experienced Client Services manager with a solid background in web analytics platforms works closely with you to setup BrightEdge Connect. Standard integrations do not require the support from your IT department.
  • Immediate visibility – the API (a REST based protocol) integration setup works almost immediately.

Integrate BrightEdge metrics with your own enterprise architecture:

  • Save time and effort on manual import/exports, and reduce errors with manual swivel chair processes by automatically pulling data into your company’s reports.
  • Seamlessly integrate rank data for preferred landing pages and keywords into your own enterprise architecture providing visibility into content performance metrics that drive business decisions.

I cannot tell you how exciting it is to see this integration going so well…this the first time we’ve been able to watch a vendor demonstrate enterprise level reporting with complete confidence and without footnotes or caveats - it’s so refreshing!”