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Technology Keynote

Born out of data, SEO is well-positioned for the data revolution that is already here. For example, SEO is already touching data across all channels of marketing, such as video, email, and voice, to content performance, and this creates a lot of clutter and chaos that we need to sift across quickly. SEO and data science will converge into one evolved discipline that drives omnichannel acquisition and democratizes data. With this evolution, BrightEdge is elevating the role of SEO, and we have also come together with Oncrawl to form the world's most comprehensive all-in-one SEO platform to solve this challenge. 

Hear from BrightEdge CEO, Jim Yu and CTO, Lemuel Park as they together with Senior Global Customer Success Manager, Michelle Maret and Francois Goube (CEO and founder of Oncrawl) share how this data revolution presents opportunities for the SEO industry.