Blended & Local Search Management Reporting

Measuring content performance across Universal & Local results

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) no longer only feature classic text-based results, but have evolved to include universal results: image, video, social, and local results. Practitioners now need to know the rank of their pages among universal results in order to get an accurate picture of what the user sees during searches.

BrightEdge S3’s unique Blended Rank and Local Search Management technology, which are accessible in dashboard charts, provides complete insight into search performance.

360 degree Blended Rank Analysis

  • Measure true content performance - Utilize dashboards to get an immediate understanding of search engine rank among all search results including text, image, video, social, and local results.
  • Competitive Intel based on Blended Rank - Track your competition’s Blended Rank across all your keywords; identify competitive trends in Blended Rank, quickly take corrective action.
  • Correlate social signals and Blended Rank - Correlate social media activity such as Likes, Shares, Tweets, and +1s with blended rank while managing social media campaigns to increase universal search result rankings.
  • Impact of Blended Rank on web analytics - Understand and manage the impact of blended rank on your digital strategy, and how this impacts real business results such as revenue, traffic, and conversions.

In-depth Local Content Performance Insight

  • Make performance local - Respond to the rise of local results in SERPs by creating content performance strategies aligned with local user preferences.
  • Granular keyword analysis - Gain in-depth visibility into local performance by keywords and keyword groups.
  • Target the largest search geographies - Target SEO for 141 major cities.
  • Local dashboards - Customize dashboards to show local performance for individual cities and identify performance variances by city.


We adore Blended Rank, it’s really vital for our company - not just from an image or video, but specifically from a Local Search perspective. Being in the hospitality industry we need to make sure that we understand the full spectrum of the search engines results page from local to organic. Blended rank really helps us understand from a natural search listings perspective where we actually stand and how much of those pages we can dominate.