POV: Is Schema Markup Critical to SEO Success?

How important is schema markup, and is it worthwhile for your business?

How much value do schema tags actually provide? Are they an SEO essential that everyone should pulling out all the stops to implement across every page of their site, or is that time going to be better spent elsewhere?

Schema is a markup system that helps to further articulate to the search engines what your content contains. Although Google does a good job of accurately determining the type of content and connecting it with search queries, the search engine sometimes needs help identifying the purpose and intent of certain page elements. Makeups help to prevent any possible mistakes. Given the highly competitive nature of current SEO, no brands want to lose potential rankings because of errors.

SEOs often discuss schema and try to decide if they should implement it. Markups have been proven to help in a specific set of content areas. Before implementing, a first question to answer, however, is how much value does it actually offers the average company. Brands need to prioritize their time and where they spend their resources and efforts. We believe that organizations need to carefully consider the importance of schema in their specific goals and projects to make the decision that is right for them.

Take a deep dive into schema markup and why it's relevant to your site.



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