Webinar: Decide How Many Keywords to Target & Manage

Date and time:     Wednesday February 10, 2016 10:00am Pacific Standard Time, 6:00 PM GMT
Duration:              45 minutes

How Many SEO Keywords Should I Manage“How Many SEO Keywords Should I Manage?” is a common question SEOs and marketing departments consider as they try to maximize business results and ROI.

For most companies, SEO has the highest ROI of any of the channels and that is a fact that continues to grow as search gets better at understanding what the users want.

At BrightEdge we are asked this keyword research question regularly by our customers, so we decided to formalize our answer with a webinar.

We answer the question by considering the two key business factors: 14 Areas of Opportunity and 7 Constraints.

The host will be BrightEdge Sr. Director of Marketing Demand Generation Erik Newton and the presenter will be BrightEdge VP of Operations Albert Gouyet. They will lay out a thought framework for addressing the question and then go over some practical how-to on building the optimal keyword set on the BrightEdge platform.

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