Keyword Discovery -- Using Data Cube -- Part 1

An interactive walkthrough of keyword research using Data Cube

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A lot of us know that any SEO campaign begins with keyword research. Less of us, however, have a solid understanding of exactly what effective keyword research entails.

  • Are you seeking to expand on existing keyword targets or expanding into new categories?
  • Are you going after terms your comeptitors are ranking for already?
  • Are you targeting head terms, torso terms, or long-tail keywords?
  • Is there a Quick Answers or Local 3-Pack universal listing on the SERP(s) you want to get placement in?

Join BrightEdge Head of Onboarding and Platform Training Bill Fergusson in this comprehensive and interactive 2-part walkthrough of how to do all of the above and more.

This is an interactive tutorial. To be able to follow along, download the worksheet right here.

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