Verifi Sees Rise in Longtail Keywords & 37% Growth in Organic Traffic

Jane Phelps of Know Agency helped client Verifi increase organic traffic by 37% in less than 1 year

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Verifi is a financial and ecommerce software solution for companies to help alleviate credit card chargebacks. While this is a profitable financial business, the variety and breadth of high-volume keywords are somewhat slim. When Know Agency started managing the account, the chosen keywords were too broad and did not provide any value to the client. Phelps also discovered that the majority of pages on the site had thin, underdeveloped content.

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CEO Jane Phelps and Know started by using Data Cube to analyze competitors and discover which keywords would be more targeted to Verifi's customer base. Using the longtail keyword feature, they identified hundreds of attractive keywords to go after and then defined a content augmentation program.

Once they were confident about the new keyword plan, they mapped some of the keywords to existing pages in Keyword Reporting, created new content pages, and tracked all of them in groups in Page Reporting. They also utilized the new BrightEdge Ignite analysis to uncover other keywords that were missed but were an opportunity for optimization.

Finally, they worked with Verifi to present topics in a knowledge base format, similar to what their competitors were doing, to further provide quick answers for potential new customers.

jane phelps know agency case studyTHE RESULTS

The Data Cube score, a measure of search footprint and potential, increased from 413 to 3,130. Keywords almost doubled as well from 689 to 1,298. Organic search traffic increased 37% in less than 1 year.

Competitive analysis using BrightEdge is a valuable resource for high-volume search terms to target for optimization.

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