Digital Marketing Strategy Webinar Series

Learn Digital Marketing Strategies and Techniques to Improve SEO and Content Marketing Initiatives

The Digital Marketing Strategy Webinar Series is Now Available On-Demand

Developing your SEO, Content and overall Integrated Digital Marketing strategy can be a daunting task so we developed this Digital Marketing Webinar series as the foundation to building and executing these plans.

This comprehensive digital marketing strategy webinar series covers the key fundamentals for becoming an effective SEO, Digital and Content Marketing expert.

These five webinars will cover every level of how to start being successful within your Digital Marketing strategy, including pre-optimizing your content, quick SEO wins, and harnessing organic traffic to drive an increase conversion on your marketing leads.

Course curriculum:

Course Overview:

SEO The Heart of Digital Marketing:

As consumers and buyers take control over when and how to engage with brands and vendors, SEO is increasingly at the core of your website performance optimization. This digital marketing strategy webinar covers the expanded responsibility of SEO in uncovering demand and search intent that leads to an increase in marketing leads, and in prioritizing topics and themes for the betterment of paid, digital, social, and other digital channels.  In addition, we will walk through the process of how to audit a website for SEO.

Quick Wins with SEO:

Digital marketers are busier than ever managing unprecedented levels of content and programs. Keeping up with changes in content formats and standards that search engines regularly introduce is a luxury for many marketers. This digital marketing strategy webinar introduces quick SEO tips and real-world digital marketing examples that digital marketers can implement on their own to see an increase in marketing leads from their content investments.<

Developing Pre-Optimized Content:

Typically, SEO is used as part of a waterfall development process: create content, publish content, optimize content. This outdated process leads to wasted resources and a considerable time lag before content writers can realize ROI. This digital marketing strategy webinar shares new best practices for creating content that is pre-optimized for optimal search and mobile performance, including content marketing examples.

Making the Case for SEO:

Whether to request additional budget or to reach alignment with other marketing teams, SEO practitioners must make a compelling case for the value and success of their marketing optimization programs. This digital marketing strategy webinar will share advice on how to capture, measure, and share SEO results and insights with executives, paid search managers, and other key stakeholders to accelerate collaboration and digital marketing success.

Beyond SEO: Connecting Content to Conversions:

So you’ve done a great job increasing organic site traffic through the search optimization techniques, but site conversion rates are frustratingly low. It’s time to think outside the SEO box and look at website conversion optimization. This digital marketing strategy webinar will share guidance around mapping site offerings to target personas, identifying content gaps, reducing abandonment rates, optimizing call-to-actions (CTAs), and A/B testing key conversion funnels.

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