Activating with Agility on a Global Scale

How Enterprises Remain Agile with Evolving Trends

Over the past year brands have had to make sweeping changes and pivot to new market realities. To be agile, you need to identify what trends are emerging that you need to react to, but you also need to have the operational agility to react to those trends as they emerge. This ability to move quickly can be challenging for global brands with a lot of moving parts.

Watch BrightEdge and Intel as we discuss strategies for not only identifying trends that matter but operationalizing against them faster with greater urgency.

You'll learn how:

  • Global brands such as Intel leveraged data and insights to pivot and activate quickly
  • To utilize macro search data to fuel faster and more deliberate omnichannel strategies
  • To tie your actions to outcomes automatically within the BrightEdge platform


Featured Speakers:

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