INDUSTRY REPORT: News & Media Marketing and SEO

How traditional media companies are combating falling print demand

With internet usage soaring in the 1990s, an industry with minimal change for centuries, suddenly had to start sprinting to stay in business. Over the last 20 years, those that pivoted stayed afloat, while many unfortunately disappeared. Budgets have shrunk over the last few years which has forced companies to turn to more creative tactics and channels to thrive; these include SEO, social media, mobile, and personalization.

In this industry report on media and publishing marketing, BrightEdge dives into how today's media and publishing companies are able to successfully engage with consumers with personalized and local content to increase engagement and frequency.

Key trends

  • Content for voice and media searches
  • Mobile-first strategies - 62% of search queries are mobile
  • An estimated 2/3 of adults use social to get some of their news
  • Content personalization maximizes relevancy leading to increased consumption

Dive into the full report for more extensive research on engaging with your digital consumers.

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